Little People, Big World

SN 17 | EP 101 | Jeremy & Audrey Baby Update

Jeremy and Audrey anxiously await the birth of their first baby. Audrey hopes to give birth naturally, without any medication. Once Audrey's due date passes, she gets closer to reaching a point of being medically induced, which Audrey does not want to happen. Jeremy and Audrey try a variety of home remedies, like eating spicy food, in the hopes of inducing labor naturally. Late one night, contractions start, and Jeremy and Audrey rush to the hospital. After laboring in the tub, and lots of pain, Audrey triumphantly gives birth without using any pain medication to their beautiful baby girl, Ember Jean Roloff. The Roloff family joins the new parents in the hospital to meet the newest addition to the family, and the first Roloff granddaughter. Zach and Tori introduce baby Jackson to his cousin Ember. Mat and Amy are thrilled to hold their first granddaughter. A few days later, Jeremy and Audrey leave the hospital, and take Ember home to begin their life as a family of three.

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Little People, Big World
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