Little People, Big World

SN 18 | EP 3 | The Butterflies Are Kicking In

For almost a year Amy and Chris have been taking it day by day, which leaves Amy wondering how committed Chris is to their relationship. But when the couple shares a skydiving adventure, the often-quiet Chris finally expresses himself towards Amy. .......Feeling guilty for spending a week away from home during the World Dwarf Games, Zach tries to make it up to Tori by taking on baby duties and giving her a chance to take a break. And after a heart-to-heart with Amy, he realizes he needs to make more of an effort to show Tori what she means to him and starts by bringing home her favorite dessert. .......Working together on the farm and trying to date puts a strain on Matt and Caryn's relationship because they have little time for themselves, so Caryn insists Matt takes a day off at the beach with her. As the couple makes their way to the town of Manzanita on the Oregon coast, Matt has a hard time leaving work behind, but with Caryn's encouragement Matt starts to relax. By the end of the day, Matt realizes he doesn't want to let being a workaholic take the same toll on his relationship with Caryn that it did on his marriage and that he needs to create more of a life for himself and Caryn away from the farm. .......Jeremy and Audrey are taking care of some last minute preparations for the birth of their first child and trying to feel organized. But after conversations with Zach and Tori, they quickly realize that they aren't emotionally ready for the life change they are about to take on. Jeremy wonders how his relationship with Audrey will change once the baby is born. Audrey admits to being overwhelmed by the physical ordeal that awaits her when she takes on natural childbirth.

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Little People, Big World
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