Jill & Jessa: Counting On

SN 6 | EP 6 | Joy and Austin Tie the Knot

After months of planning, Joy & Austin's wedding day is almost here! Their wedding week kicks off by welcoming Jill & Derick home from their three month stay in Central America. With all of her sisters now back home in Arkansas, Joy steps into her finished dress for the first time. Although her family is overjoyed with how the gown has turned out, is it everything Joy had hoped it would be? Joe and Kendra enjoy dinner with the Seewalds and discuss the future of their relationship. Are they planning to continue on the fast track like the Duggar couples before them? Could there be another wedding in the near future? The A-team gathers once again to help Ms. Cindy create the decor for Joy & Austin's wedding. Will wheat grass and wildflowers create the look Joy & Austin are hoping for? And will the siblings be able to complete their masterpiece in time for the wedding? Joe is hoping to take his relationship with Kendra to the next level and sits down with Pastor Caldwell to ask him a very important question. Having been in a courtship only a few short months, does Kendra's dad think they're ready for the next step? Finally, after months of waiting and preparations, Joy & Austin's wedding day has finally arrived! As the couple anxiously prepares to join their lives together, friends and family gather to shower them with love as they become Mr. & Mrs. Austin Forsyth! And at their reception, there's a big surprise in store for one lucky lady!

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Jill & Jessa: Counting On
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